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  I cannot quite believe I am writing about Jeff Bezos’ sex life for the second time in two weeks, let alone about his penis. But Mr. Bezos brought all of himself back into the news on Thursday by writing a blockbuster post on Medium accusing American Media, which owns The National Enquirer, of blackmail. The post is addressed to David Pecker, the head of American Media, and titled, “No Thank You, Mr. Pecker.”

  Pun presumably intended by Mr. Bezos, the Amazon founder and chief executive. It’s difficult to not descend into a minefield of them (Jeff Bezos’ Prime and Jeff Bezos’ package are popular jokes on Twitter today, and HuffPost and The New York Post ran with “Bezos Exposes Pecker”) and conclude that it is simply a field day for tabloids.

  This is true on a superficial and titillating level, of course. Last month, The National Enquirer broke the story about Mr. Bezos’ affair and quoted awkward and somewhat sweet sexts he had sent his girlfriend. There were also insinuations about the existence of photos of his penis.

  But now the news is about something bigger. By using a digital platform to bring his side of the story directly to the masses, Mr. Bezos has done something both admirable and also a little scary. Most revealing — and I say this about a story that is lousy with revelations — is that it is perhaps the best illustration of the in-your-face aggressiveness that has made him the richest man in the world and arguably the most important tech visionary since Steve Jobs.

  I am not sure even Mr. Jobs, the pugnacious Apple founder and chief executive who mastered the media, would have tried to pull off what Mr. Bezos has done.

  [Kara Swisher answered your questions on Twitter.]

  It was unclear how The National Enquirer got hold of this trove of obviously confidential material, but it did. So Mr. Bezos — who is “a person of means,” to use Howard Schultz’s favored term — decided to use his considerable assets to find out. And why not? The digital invasion is troubling enough personally, but a high-profile businessman like Mr. Bezos has a lot of critical company secrets he needs kept that way.

  While what happened to him could have been as simple as someone snapping a photo of a text or photo and passing it along, it might have been much worse. The Washington Post, owned by Mr. Bezos, is reporting that his investigators think he could have been hacked by a government agency, which would be extremely troubling. But whether he was hacked, or there was a broader security breach, in this leaky internet age, it’s pretty much a requirement that Mr. Bezos figure out how he was compromised.

  As Mr. Bezos’ investigation continued, The Post and others floated theories that American Media had gone after Mr. Bezos for political reasons, perhaps because President Trump considers him an enemy for the work his newspaper does. On Medium, Mr. Bezos included emails from an American Media lawyer demanding that he issue a statement saying he had no “basis for suggesting that A.M.I.’s coverage was politically motivated” — or face the photos going public. If the emails are authentic, that looks pretty suspect.

  Rather than struggling with his media foes in the quiet back room of a law firm, Mr. Bezos decided to do it the internet way — much as American Media’s BFF, President Trump, does — and just say it all out loud on Medium and Twitter. Bypassing the traditional media, he wrote a highly personal post alleging a shakedown.

  Good for him. While it’s fair game to criticize his business, if done with fairness and accuracy, American Media went too far. By pushing back, Mr. Bezos has taken a deeply embarrassing situation and turned it to his own advantage. While jokes abound, he’s having a bit of a heroic moment here, as the guy who will not take it anymore. There is only glory in rolling over the log, as Mr. Bezos wrote, to see how these vermin use embarrassing photos and gossip, amplified by social media, as weapons. He was willing to expose himself — pun intended — in the process.

  In an era when the forces of sneakiness and sleaze on the internet seem to be ascendant, from the Russian incursion onto Facebook to the ways social media is used to spew hatred, it is a rare thing to see someone turn the tables.

  That said, I’m not entirely sanguine about the ability of powerful people like Mr. Bezos to use digital tools for their own private aims. We have seen leaders, like Mr. Trump, harness Twitter to spread lies and create new realities, and to harass journalists, as Rodrigo Duterte, the president of the Philippines, and many other strongmen have done.

  Mr. Bezos, too, has the ability to use his huge digital reach in all kinds of ways, and he may someday be tempted to do so in situations where the villains are not as obvious as Mr. Pecker and his band of media thugs. I doubt he would, but he certainly could.

  For now though, Mr. Bezos is striking a blow for everyone. Regular people suffer data hacks and privacy violations daily, largely from having their information mined and manipulated in order to build enormous advertising businesses, as Facebook and Google do, or to sell us more stuff (hello, Amazon!).

  Mr. Bezos clearly is winning here. He should use the opportunity to reflect on how he can lead the fight to protect everyone’s privacy and digital dignity, even as he takes back his own.

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“【怎】【么】,【有】【事】?”【盛】【星】【泽】【瞥】【了】【她】【一】【眼】,【看】【到】【她】【小】【脸】【上】【忐】【忑】【不】【安】【的】【表】【情】,【微】【不】【可】【查】【地】【勾】【了】【一】【下】【唇】。 “【嗯】……【糖】【糖】【给】【了】【我】【一】【瓶】【绝】【世】【好】【酒】,【特】【别】【好】,【堪】【称】【世】【界】【第】【一】!【但】【是】【太】【烈】,【我】【不】【会】【喝】,【我】【想】【送】【给】【你】。” 【盛】【星】【泽】【意】【兴】【阑】【珊】【道】:“【我】【平】【时】【也】【不】【怎】【么】【喝】【酒】,【一】【个】【人】【喝】【没】【意】【思】。” “【我】【送】【你】【肯】【定】【跟】【你】【一】【起】【喝】!”【林】【繁】【热】

【良】【久】,【他】【终】【于】【转】【过】【身】【去】,“【好】。【我】【给】【你】【时】【间】【考】【虑】。【三】【天】。” 【夏】【秀】【安】【暗】【松】【了】【口】【气】,“【我】【在】【试】【炼】【房】【没】【日】【没】【夜】【的】【呆】【了】【一】【个】【月】【之】【久】,【到】【现】【在】【都】【还】【头】【重】【脚】【轻】【不】【知】【日】【月】。【三】【天】【时】【间】【还】【不】【够】【我】【恢】【复】【脑】【力】。” 【这】【次】【赵】【逸】【倒】【没】【逼】【她】,“【那】【你】【想】【要】【多】【久】?” 【夏】【秀】【安】【还】【在】【想】【能】【拖】【则】【拖】【之】【词】,【他】【已】【道】:“【今】【日】【四】【月】【二】【十】【三】,【期】【限】【是】【端】【午】

  “【火】【影】【大】【人】,【我】【们】【一】【族】【的】【传】【染】【病】【已】【经】【控】【制】【住】【了】,【多】【谢】【火】【影】【大】【人】【的】【关】【心】。” 【宇】【智】【波】【富】【岳】【迈】【步】【走】【来】,【与】【其】【他】【几】【位】【族】【长】【打】【过】【招】【呼】【后】,【扭】【头】【看】【向】【光】【秃】【秃】【的】【工】【地】,【正】【当】【所】【有】【人】【要】【生】【气】【的】【离】【开】【时】,【王】【洪】【终】【于】【出】【现】【了】。 “【不】【好】【意】【思】【各】【位】,【刚】【刚】【我】【去】【村】【内】【的】【烤】【肉】【店】,【拉】【面】【馆】,【还】【有】【素】【食】【店】【去】【订】【餐】【了】,【难】【得】【各】【位】【赏】【光】,【今】【天】【中】【午】【就】【在】管家婆彩马报【这】【时】,【玉】【嵘】【灵】【仙】【入】【园】【禀】【道】:“【云】【芷】【神】【君】,【浔】【枫】【仙】【尊】【来】【了】。” 【易】【云】【芷】【忙】【收】【了】【手】【中】【的】【长】【枪】,【挑】【眉】【问】【道】:“【哦】?【这】【个】【时】【辰】【他】【来】【做】【什】【么】?” 【玉】【嵘】【灵】【仙】【笑】【了】【笑】,【眼】【珠】【微】【转】,【猜】【测】【道】:“【可】【能】【是】【听】【说】【您】【不】【日】【就】【要】【应】【战】,【特】【地】【过】【来】【送】【滏】【光】【枪】【的】【吧】。” 【她】【轻】【轻】【点】【头】,【对】【玉】【嵘】【灵】【仙】【说】【道】:“【浔】【枫】【人】【呢】?【让】【他】【进】【来】【吧】。” “【是】

  【这】【话】【一】【落】,【周】【安】【林】【急】【了】:“【叶】【儿】,【这】【话】【可】【不】【敢】【乱】【说】!” 【赵】【青】【叶】【一】【脸】【鄙】【视】:“【怎】【么】?【你】【们】【母】【子】【敢】【不】【敢】【当】【了】?【要】【不】【要】【去】【找】【几】【个】【郎】【中】【来】【把】【把】【脉】,【看】【看】【我】【体】【内】【吃】【了】【多】【少】【阴】【寒】【之】【物】?【你】【娘】【那】【九】【年】【如】【一】【日】【的】【清】【热】【补】【身】【汤】,【可】【要】【请】【人】【检】【查】【一】【下】?” 【她】【怎】【么】【知】【道】【了】? 【周】【安】【林】【心】【里】【一】【急】:“【娘】【不】【是】【看】【你】【身】【体】【底】【子】【火】【燥】【太】【重】【吗】?【她】

  【看】【着】【谢】【卓】【霏】【的】【小】【脸】,【战】【霖】【昊】【简】【直】【都】【有】【些】【嫉】【妒】【奇】【奇】【和】【妙】【妙】【了】,【真】【的】【没】【想】【到】,【短】【短】【的】【时】【间】【里】,【他】【们】【竟】【然】【会】【让】【谢】【卓】【霏】【如】【此】【牵】【肠】【挂】【肚】。 【心】【里】【隐】【隐】【有】【些】【酸】,【不】【过】【二】【少】【还】【不】【糊】【涂】,【这】【种】【醋】【可】【以】【吃】,【但】【不】【要】【吃】【太】【多】。 【于】【是】【他】【温】【柔】【地】【笑】【了】,“【霏】【霏】,【你】【与】【奇】【奇】【和】【妙】【妙】【是】【不】【是】【闹】【矛】【盾】【了】,【嗯】?” 【谢】【卓】【霏】【情】【绪】【激】【动】【地】【否】【认】,“【才】【没】

  【虽】【然】【他】【说】【的】【很】【轻】,【但】【是】【顾】【念】【念】【还】【是】【听】【见】【了】,【心】【里】【彻】【底】【的】【放】【松】【下】【来】【了】,【在】【他】【的】【病】【床】【边】【坐】【下】【了】。 【还】【是】【像】【昨】【天】【一】【样】【陪】【着】【他】,【墨】【霄】【云】【问】【了】【很】【多】【他】【们】【以】【前】【的】【事】,【顾】【念】【念】【很】【有】【耐】【心】【的】【又】【说】【了】【一】【遍】。 【几】【天】【后】【墨】【霄】【云】【的】【情】【况】【基】【本】【上】【已】【经】【稳】【定】【了】,【制】【造】【好】【好】【养】【着】【就】【会】【没】【事】【了】,【甜】【甜】【已】【经】【能】【下】【床】【了】。 【宁】【恋】【沫】【和】【江】【霆】【辰】【耽】【误】【的】【时】【间】【已】

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